Tom Gildred Wife Defamation IIED Trial is Jan/13/20 Gildred v Foster (Seth A. Rafkin Attorney vs Prose)

FMT Consulting Executive's wife's on Defamation & IIED. Claims x-allege Lover (She) Did not Tango off the dance floor even after "A Romantic Picnic In The Park NYC, flying him several times to the couples Rancho Santa Fe's porch digs - multiple date-nights in Manhattan NYC,  Del Mar, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Escondido, Vyvant Hotel Little Italy San Diego & Brunch at Rancho Valencia Luxurious Country Club where she and her husband are active founding members.

San Diego, (  - The Gildreds (Tom Gildred) Gildred of North San Diego. Both Tom and Carolina are denying an affair ever happened even after Gildred's wife flew the x-allege-lover to their Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe's home over a series of visits under the guise of tango dance instruction in 2016.
The x-allege lover is counter suing the Gildreds for over 7.5 million dollars claiming IIED, Defamation and Breach of Contract. (Allegedly billed to Gildred and his companies for the promotional benefits derived from the promotional leads stemming from the Gildred's frivolous lawsuit - Tom Gildred have subsequently Trademarked his name Tom Gildred™ a derivative associated with the lawsuit). 
The Gildred couple have been accused of having fostered a relentless out of court harassment campaign which at first accounted for as a slap on the wrists for an underestimated extramarital affair allegedly between Tom's Wife Carolina Gildred and Michael Foster. Court papers and witnesses known to have been friends to Carolina and Foster confirmed they'd known each other for roughly 15+ years. Though the Gildred's court papers affirms she first met him at dance competitions in 2015.
The Gildred's sophisticated campaign included an alleged cover-up by an in-court frivolous lawsuit campaign design to harass and push the x-allege lover into a state of mental insanity. (Lawyer SethHe'll either have to go completely crazy or come after you in which case he'll still be completely insane).
The couple is alleged according to court (REDACTED) documents filed by the x-Cooley Law Partner Attorneys Jennifer Bogue, Seth A. Rafkin Esq., The legal firm have Concocted a letter of Mental Diagnosis, "A Professional Opinion" from a Top Psychiatrist who (consequentially) happens to be the x-husband of Tom Gildred's wife Carolina (Then Carolina Garcia of Upscale living in Scarsdale New York). The letter states among other things that the x-allege lover is a case of Dangerous Erotomania. (A mental disease know to be consistent with women who have grown to lust at TV Celebrity status of mostly men in high social life). The Tango lover isn't known to have a history of mental illness and have not been seen by the psychiatrist Manuel Orlando (Dr. Redacted) named in the Gildred's court documents. There are other direct linking reports to the Gildred's blatant harassment campaign. As lately as In September 2019; of "2" consecutive police reports involving altercations between the Gildred's and their allege assailant where its allege the Gildreds and their Carlsbad Attorney Seth Alan Rafkin harass the defendant. 
Rafkin defended the Gildred of San Diego who once was the CEO Tom Gildred San Diego's Largest health LiAngelica textiles vs Emerald Textiles Law Suit San Diego Defended by Cooley Law Alan Seth Rafkinnen company in "Emerald Textiles v Angelica Textiles", Tom Gildred of Gildredco and the Gildred Companies who's names are indigenous to that of ambassador (Argentine) Theodore Gildred, Sister Tory Gildred, and families Ted, Jen, Julie Gildred, Tory Gildred, Lynn & Phil Gildred.
Comments: The courts in New York her honorable Senior Administrative Judge Kaplan (Chan)

Full Story continues here:
Our Study on North San Diego Crime report

The crime litmus paper is drying thin in all of San Diego because the police cannot investigate accusations against the wealthy..
San Diego's wealthy have long had the ability to Inoculate themselves from any crime or intent to commit a crime leaving it impossible for the police to investigate or even interrogate a family or a person with a fame name in San Diego.
Take for example North San Diego, Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe's Tom Gildred near Fairbanks Ranch amassed two consecutive allegations reveals that his ability to inoculate himself against even remote questioning any of his allege crimes. Allegedly calling an order to knock over the mother of his wife in the streets of Cancun Mexico Sep/12.2016 - causing his wife's mother to become hospitalized so as to prove a point to his wife if she doesn't corporate with his innocuous motives she too could become harmed. (It is further allege the tentacles of Mr. Thompson Philip Gildred runs deep in through the veins of San Diego's health and hospital's health-patient recovery and accounting data bases (Tom Gildred ventured his early accounting skills as an "Ernst & Young" employee and further earned the Ernst & Young" Entrepreneur of the Year Awards). Wife's (Fears) if an enemy or a foe gets caught up in the beltway of health & recovery via certain hospitals....? 
Another crime by Tom Gildred (Thompson Philip Gildred) as recent as September 18th (2 New York Police Reports along with a restraining order) its asserted that he had confronted his wife's x-lover at 66 center street on the 18th and another constructive aggressive harassment confrontation on September 20th just outside Carolina Gildred (Tom's Wife) x-lover's corporate building in NYC. Coincidence?
Both incidents were reported immediately to the NYPD and a restraining order have been put in place. A call was made to 911 upon the issuance of Gildred's 2nd consecutive altercation in which officers Moss & Scheewzeny alerted victim to a restraining order - the Gildred's were not located at the scene.Tom Gildred in a New York Supreme Court Index:#153554/2017 is innocuously suing Michael Foster an x-allege Tango Lover whom his wife flew to San Diego several times between June of 2016 and August 31st of 2016. The lawsuit earned an NYSEFSC e-filing loophole from Tom's long time Carlsbad Devoted Attorney Seth A. Rafkin. (No record of service) But the x-allege Tango Lover found his fate surprisingly via the publicity arguably paid for in a write up courtesy "The San Diego Reader" a publication 3,000 miles from NYC.
The story flamboyantly played up Tom Gildred and Wife as victims of an extortion attempt to extort Tom and his wife of 10k and the Foster Tango guy had become unhinged in the interview which lawyer Seth Rafkin - responded.
Was this a deterrent i.e. cover-up al be it "alibi? To a more sinister out of court criminal intent? Coincidence of intent?
Michael Foster the Tango Instructor x-Allege lover to Tom Gildred's Wife Carolina Gildred
In the meanwhile the Tango allege love faced a litany of circumstantial circumstances from death threats, landlord suddenly cancelling his apartment lease, to questionable loss of clients. The tango instructor's life as an NYC Dance instructor for 20+ years was over and he had no one to blame for each defaming public action against his character. The Tango instructor was refused entry at public social events he'd attending for years without issues
|There were New York Police Reports included a 911 call a few months after the commencement of the Gildred's lawsuit. The x-allege Tango Lover of Tom Gildred's wife was reported to have suffered a near miss-hit on his life, which could have landed him in a comma, if not death or paralysis. 
Tom Gildred cautioned by partner Jaye Park Emerald TextilesNot enough perhaps?
The allegations is allege to have stemmed from an outrage Tom Gildred who was willing to do anything so that Carolina his wife will not leave him for the Tango Lover.
Transcripts have revealed the wealthy Gildred Family have reverted to cautioning but could not dissuade the younger of the Gildreds of San Diego to let it go. Thompson's parents Lynn & Phil Gildred once owned the Fox Theater of San Diego and are vested owners of multi-unit residential properties in Maui Hawaii. The Gildred Companies are know to be owners of multi-million dollar properties commercial and residential through San Diego. 
The Gildred claimed according to New York Supreme Court Documents files by Seth their attorney the allege lover sort to extort $10,000.00. The Gildred's seeks $250,000.00 according to court documents. 
In the abstract Tom Gildred and wife Carolina (Mother of two allege DaCa Kids. Daughter Diana and Son Bryant Castillo, both kids having disgruntled remakes concerning their isolated Mexican Father who have been ridden thereof. Years ago. Carolina have been allege to have illegally crossed the boarder from Mexico and have had at lease one run in with the Law in Los Angeles for transportation of methamphetamine sources revealed while with her two young kids Bryant 3, and Diana 5. The father have since been restrained from having any part to do with their lives, but thanks to Mr. Gildred especially after the x-lover affair altercations most of Carolina's siblings have been reunited with her from Mexico). As for Tom Gildred, in reverberation to the lawsuit and the many out of court harassment tactics he earned himself an unexpected defense from his wife's x-allege lover and Tango Partner in the forms of a number of scalding YouTube messages sounding off the allege details of a lovers gross distress and a few websites in the names: Tom Gildred why The lawsuit, why not ignor the lover say so if it is not so leave it so and http://twitter.comgildredtom/gildredtom (the Later) according to (Tom Gildred's) lawyer Seth Rafkin of Carlsbad North San Diego.
These and other innocuous criminal acts are not being investigated because they are barb-wired with so much wealthy connections that before a local police detective were to begin an investigation, far less taking police reports (i.e.: wife Carolina Gildred in 2016 attempted to create a report of Husband Tom Gildred of 'an allege gurgle pilling after-midnight attempt" which left her ankles and above her knee cap with black and blue spots). On the record even after the wife admitted that QuoteEmeraldSD, San Diego Reader, Emerald Textiles, FMT Consultants, Gildred Companies, Carolina's first goal was to form a foundation adjoining with the Lover allege to have had an ongoing sexual relation during June to August 31st of 2016 - Tom Gildred put a stop to it but it continued into a more sinister bizarre harrassment campaign mostly invigorated by the Gildred's Lawsuit ! Quote " Tom awoke me in the middle of the Night and said HEAR TAKE THAT - and muttered - you're gurgling" unquote! She then assuage dozing off.
Seth Alan Rafkin Esq., "Alan is known to have saved Tom Gildred's Emerald Textiles commercial Linen Company in an intellectual Property Theft Angelica Textiles vs Emerald Textiles of which he earned 1.5 million in legal expenses after the long court battle in San Diego..
The very said attorney is under review by the legal board of ethics for swiping out an iPhone camera and began illegally video taping the aggravated harassment scenes in NYC just in September allege to have been preempted by him and his clients in hopes to provoke a physical confrontation from the wife's x-allege love.
Both incidents were instantly reported to the NYPD - one incident earned a 911 call when Tom physically confronted Michael Foster immediately steps from the x-allege tango lovers office building the following Friday afternoon in Chelsea NYC. Apparently at this time the Gildred duo wish to impute an attack on themselves in New York in order to draw consequential alignment to their attorney's frivolous lawsuit.
The merits of the lawsuit stands affirmative that what is left only to litigate defendant's counter claims seeing that Seth already confirm a settlement which Prose Litigant denied and the judge...

The full report (here) includes some Paraphrased and some as Per Verbatim:
......The court was interestingly "Well Mannered". Perhaps something to deal with having presidency residing Judge Her Honorable Kaplan (Chan).

Defendant (ProSe) turned his phones to "Off" and "Silence - Vibrate Only", and commenced a live game of virtual chest. Level "A" on his new 2020 iPhone.

At about 10:09AM the role calendar called #5 (Loud Enough); "Gildred - Foster".



.Sec#2.TRANSCRIPT OF THE SUPREME COURT 09/25/19 Her Honorable Judge Kaplan (Chan)
 Continued from above..Sec#1.:
Defendant (ProSe) entered room #422 and conspicuously crossed the path (Respectively) between the Judge (In Session) and index applicants On-Hold seated during the calendar roll call.

Defendant (ProSe) approached the chambers Law Clerk and inquired of the attendance status of plaintiff on Calendar Role Call #5 Gildred vs Foster. The clerk's legal officer in charge summoned the Plaintiff (Aloud). "GIlDRED". At this point defendant took a seat far left corner of room #422 - The Plaintiff his wife and council was seated somewhere in the center of the room.

The court was interestingly "Well Mannered". Perhaps something to deal with having presidency residing judge her honorable Kaplan ( Chan).

Defendant (ProSe) turned his phones to "Off" and "Silence - Vibrate Only", and commenced a live game of virtual chest. Level "A" on his new 2020 iPhone.

At about 10:09AM the role calendar called #5 (Loud Enough); "Gildred - Foster".

(The court was ready) but the Mr.. Tom Gildred needed to quickly run to the restroom, upon returning he caution the court (Aloud) He's in the Toilet your Honor. Everyone in the court quipped.

Defendant (spontaneously quipped in reply) "Perhaps he should stay in there".

Defendant (ProSe) returned to seating, the judge called one other number on the calendar then..."Gildred"??? At which time...,

Plaintiff's attorney Seth A. Rafkin Esq., and Prose Defendant approach the bench of the Honorable Judge Kaplan (Chan).

Judge: Good morning (Duly addressing Plaintiff's Attorney Alan Seth Rafkin Esq.,) "Tell me what's going on here"...? (At which) The Attorney reverberated for almost 2.5 minutes uninterrupted).

Attorney: (Some paraphrased and some per verbatim) My client met him .. the defendant.. at dance competitions in 2015 and ask him to teach her and a group of friends tango lessons.

He then became unhinged.

(""The defendant did not interrupt plaintiff's attorney).

Defendant (ProSe): Your Honor. Respectfully I want to say thanks for the opportunity to be here today - every (dog) man have its day in court. The good attorney (Addressing Seth), much of what is just being stated isn't true. I have known Carolina for the past, well over 15 years, just right over there (pointing as to assert recognition or common knowledge of the court) at the Lafayette Grill and Bar, 54 Franklin Street, where I use to be the manager. The restaurant was known to cater for many annual Christmas parties for court employees. Carolina and her X-Husband, A doctor of psychiatrist - Dr. Manuel Orlando Garcia. They were frequent patrons at the weekly Tango nights. I did have sex with Carolina Gildred which I regret it and if I could reverse or undo it, I would, but they're a happy couple...(defendant turned and gracefully gestured to the Gildred Couple seated in the middle of the court room).

Of the websites, Carolina herself in 2016 did register many websites including which she registered to my name and address, without my knowledge using her own credit card and personal email handle "carolinah77 AT yahoo dot come. We both Created to form a foundation for kids with disabilities seeing her son Bryant have a childhood disability. The websites I created weren't meant to defame. The websites are about the truth. Updates about this case and are the only defense I have to assert public opinion. In their complaint it was stated of "Carolina is a seducer of the rich and a despises the poor. which I removed... (SIGNALLY)...Her Honorable Judge coveted and interrupted...

The judge coveted an interruption: "I can see both sides have filed motions"...

Seth Rafkin., "Yes several times the ProSe applicant filed motions for summary judgment which were all denied"

Defendant (ProSe): Your motion was also denied sir, to strike my initial answer and counterclaims"

Judge: "Look ---- addressing Plaintiff's Council:- What Do You Want in order to Settle this today"...???

Seth:- ..."We were seeking $250,000.00 plus injunctions but, I would like him to Remove and Take Down all websites and and twitter handle #gildredtom.

Judge:- "Do you have any agreement prepared in stipulations"...???

Seth:- ...(With assertive asceticism) "YES your honor"!

(Judge addresses defendant).

Judge:- would you like to settle this"....???

Defendant (ProSe):- Absolutely! But, your honor the websites are about this case. The only medium I used to update each development. The good attorney here, is aware from the onset that the only thing which publicize the personal lives of his clients is this case. Even himself - (referring to Seth Alan Rafkin Esq.,) gave an interview with the California Weekly News Paper "The San Diego Reader" in which he completely denigrated me all the way in San Diego. I am in New York and not California, I was given no opportunity to defend myself - (Defendant ProSe Continued):- As I've said before, I am sorry for having sex with his wife, if I can undo this I will right away. I am the one being defamed for the past 3 years, I've had death threats, evidence of constant stalking in my life, life threatening emails, an tens of thousands of Spam phone calls and voice messages, trick contacts of legal misrepresentations from attorneys and most disgusting are the anonymous personalized Friendships and public unsolicited romantic meet-ups at bars and cafes using key-words synonymous to "rich people" and "San Diego California" by complete strangers attempting to befriend me. A so called homeless man ironically with ties to San Diego in October of 2017 stalked me outside my apartment in Manhattan for 45 minutes before striking at my head from behind with a glass pint bottle.., The attacks were 100% unprovoked.

I have the 911 call records, plus I was on the phone with someone else during the time this happened.

Defendant (ProSe):- "The website is about the truth - if The good attorney can tell me with specificity what exactly on the website is defamatory then I will take it down right away"....!

THE HONORABLE SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE of the southern district of The New York State Supreme Court "Her honorable" Judge "KAPLAN" (CHAN) perceptively interjected:-

Judge:- (Holding a copy of documents to a degree of sorts alluding to, but noticeable to council to her left -- --

Judge:- (addressing council) Have there been any depositories* in addition to the "Notice of Issue"???

Seth:- Besides the Note of Issue, none your honor, at least I have not done any, I don't know if any was made by the other side...

Judge Interrupted... (But Paused)., After looking through the papers, glancing through at times over the back of her right shoulders (turns to council - inadvertently to Defendant) Would you be prepared to adjourn ...."A legal term"., to a conference settlement?

Seth A. Rafkin Esq., "YES your honor".

Defendant (ProSe) assertively interjected as he perceived the letter content was in reference "A Settlement Conference of July 25th 2019" of which Plaintiff defaulted in its attendance.

Defendant (ProSe):- But your honor, we did that already and the good attorney defaulted.

Judge:- "Council, I could see here that...(paused) Judge Vigilante on the 25 of July...Ok! "Let me see if my clerk will be available to do a mediation meeting - Step back and have a seat, I will call you in a moment".

Once the Judge returned:- "Common up Gildred"...

Judge:- Council it seams my clerk will not be able to sit with you. (The Judge continued). Judge:- Obviously! You both want to settle this case...(addressing council) - "Why don't you (inadvertently addressing ProSe) step on outside to discuss a settlement".

Defendant (ProSe): implicitly inquest a gesture of interruption...(her Honor Conceded)...

Defendant (ProSe): In addition I will only accept if, (addressing council) you will agree to pay properly a compensation for the many problems, defamatory acts and trauma your clients have cause me. Judge:- I only hope you can settle this because, I have already spent too much time with this matter.(with expressive momentous control).."It takes two to Tango"...The Court quipped silently (ProSe quipped contagiously a smile in favoritism of the judge's implication).

Judge:..(as ProSe and Seth Rafkin Calendar #5 Gildred/Foster 153554/2017 stepped back)..."I have many other matters before me that needs attention today.

Defendant (ProSe) and Litigant's attorney Seth A. Rafkin left the court room #422. Inadvertently Michael Foster the Tango Instructor from NYC did his dance move by jumping and clicking his heels in the air at which time Mr.. Rafkin was keenly suspecting he'd tripped on himself (ineptly so the attorney thought in gesturing a motion of support). Seth and Prose left the court room #422.

ProSe and Seth exited the room #422: with an understanding inadvertently directed by the judge upon the admissions of both sides that they'd best solve this issue.

Defendant (ProSe) expected a settlement discussion minimally on the foregone arguments and discussions before Her honorable Judge Kaplan. (Council will be specific as to what is defamatory and needs to be taken off from and and ProSe will accept a reasonable compensatory offer no less than $250,000.00 (The amount the Gildreds have just forfeited) for defamation and a figure to be determine and calculated consistent with (ProSe's Counter Claims) per day from the inception of litigant's publicity of each allegation unfolded in its lawsuit index#: 153554/2017.

ProSe and Litigant will not seek to contact each other or make statements directed at each other online or in any public statement that could be determined to have promoted defamation. ProSe or litigant will not discuss the settlement agreement with any public news media without the expressed written permission and approval from apposing party.

ProSe:- Quote; "Mr.. Seth and I exited room#422. He was ahead of me - and I followed. Mr., Seth carefully navigated a spot to talk outside the room. We did not sit, though there were seats available.

At the North-East corner of the large-enough hallway, there was conveniently located a news read stand 15 degree angle into the apex of the northeast walls. We stood against it.

Mr.. Seth began to speak. (for a moment his juxtaposition seamed to extend upwardly protruding nearly but I stood equally taller - intellectually alert and more attentive).

Seth.,: "Look - I mean no disrespect to you" (I was almost melted by this expression - in fact)., I was impressed to earn finally a little man in this precise expression of a guy I've honestly come to understand his personality was that gigantic it was ready to construe form over prudence. As I've perceived, he was willing to take the entire New York State Supreme Court and Her Honorable Judge Kaplan (on a Cooley Cult-Law indoctrination test example). All the ways From San Diego California his test of NYSCEF system loopholes on behalf of Cooley's Law Cult. Questionably? Unsuspectingly at the helm of its senior administrative judge.

I was hoping especially at this time some honesty but the Mr.,. Seth A. Rafkin would not suppress his personal ego a few additional minutes and disassociate himself from the Cooley law school cult persuasions of abhorrently being the best even over a Harvard real Law school. A Cooley law school persuasion is that to mean more of an indoctrination persuasions to the brainwashing of anxious young otherwise good legal minds).

Seth: (The sudden respectability in eloquence immediately subsided into a state of mindful oblivion - I supposed Mr.. Seth sensed ProSe was indeed surprised by his intellectually seductive intro).

Seth: "Look I mean no disrespect to you"

ProSe: "Good Thank You, Mano Ah Mano, Your Client is inside the room - (Seth Interrupted)

Seth (Now abhorrently) "Let me say this, I want to make - I want to be very clear to you - my client is not going to pay you anything - *(ProSe aloud enough) Excuse me? But Seth continued to channel his rhetorically loaded arsenal as each statements almost in effect were weaponize threats, poignant in effect aiming sharply to seduce or even hypnotized ProSe (it almost felt to an extent he's forcing me to swallow his cum). Essentially I channeled this weaponry of rhetoric as that of a moving subway train and I, needed to catch him exactly and only at the first signal...(Again ProSe) and (Louder - Taller - Interjected):

ProSe: HANG-ON...! Hang-on a second, What are you? A Lawyer? A Doctor? or a Psychiatrists? (Aloud - and drawn to attention - but respectfully expressive with reasonable gesturing).

ProSe:- Because you cannot be both - You must choose one...(Seth) "Look...(as he again attempted to recant the very exact hypnotic statements).,

As seth began to repeat the same such-peal again - I further interrupted...(ProSe).."Well then, We have No Deal"... I walked away heading back to the room #422.

Mr.. Seth Rafkin rushed inadvertently to catch-up! Stemming ahead of me (Astonishingly!) as I was about to enter room#422 Litigant's council then placed his right hand upon the doors instantly in front of me - in fact he Forcefully compelled me from entering - I stopped and listened...(I was Frustrated).

Seth:- (continued this time more insistently with a Donald Trump Michael Cohen type off legal assault, )...QUOTE "YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE LIKE THIS AGAIN - YOUR LIFE WILL BE RUINED, THIS WILL NEVER GO AWAY. IF YOU DON'T ACCEPT AND SIGN THIS AGREEMENT TODAY. (referring to an agreement he'd already prepared but made no attempt to provide me with a copy for review)...Seth (with obtuseness continued speaking)...I Push the door even harder to enter room #422.

At this time I was only determined to return to my seat safely inside the court room as I felt overwhelmed, pushed, taken advantage off and bullied.

The instant circumstances reminded me of a childhood sexual harassment as a young "7" year old boy being tricked almost to an extreme of an impossible sexual criminal act upon me by a Bogger-man - I persisted and seth let me go, into the door of room#422 where many people was and I returned to my seat.

In less than about 15 minutes, Judge Kaplan called on Calendar #5 Gildred common up!


Inadvertently! Conspicuously! Assertive with immense Prudence and sustained punctuality: Judge Kaplan seamed not even remotely willing to entertain any further arguments from both sides and concluded the following:

(But, not before ProSe re-issued an obscurity in the gist of the litigation from its onset).

Defendant (ProSe): "Your Honor, He's trying to force me to sign an agreement without giving me an opportunity to read it" Judge: "Of course he'd need to give you a copy, you at least need to review it....ProSe "this case is also about the good attorney's and his clients out of court day in day out harassment and self incrimination tactics from the plaintiff and its attorneys, my life is constantly at risks your honor"

Judge: maybe it is because of what you have said - ProSe "What I've said your honor is from the Integrity of my heart (palming the left side of his chest) and contents relative to this litigation, besides, A letter threatening to shoot me in the back of my head from someone in California San Diego and threats to persuade me to commit suicide? I do not live in California your honor.

Defendant (ProSe): "Your honor, I would like to ask you to ORDER the good attorney here, to hand over a copy of his predetermined agreement draft or at least allow me a courtesy copy. (addressing Council) I would like to see what I would be missing"?

Judge:- "There's no apparent agreement to which you need to look over. I'm placing this for trial Date.... January 13Th 2020.

Defendant (ProSe): towards Seth Rafkin - upon signing the stipulation (but aloud so the court can here) - Interesting you've tried to give me the "Michael Cohen" attorney to apposing party bully abusive tactic right?. Mr.. Seth shrouded his shoulders, cheeks and face, as A senior court officer obtain the stipulation: Both Seth Council to plaintiff and Michael Foster signed and retained a copy from the court officer.

Defendant received his copy of the stipulation signed by the Judge set for a trial Jury selection date schedule for January 13Th 2020. .

Defendant: " I left from inside the court room #422 - I did not want to think off or see neither of the Gildred Treo. I did not even wait for the elevator, fearing they may come out to join the car - I took the stairway to the 2nd floor into the Men's restroom. I was a bit broken, a faint stress, But I felt retrieved that every dog have its day in court and Jan-13Th-2020 will be another day so on and so, on.

I was elated to have sustained each unsuspecting blow to my common every day life from the loss of family apartment 20+ years midtown Manhattan to inexcusable lost of jobs, business contracts, social lifestyle and an online host of reports of social media defamation to denigrate me. Even friends known to Gildred asking to intervene as mediators and the unsuspecting advice from lawyers advising me to admit to this frivolous case.

Upon leaving the New York State Supreme Court, I had no idea the Gildred Treo was waiting at the front of 66 Center street or even a discernment they'd be willing to constructively insinuate and intentionally provoke a physical altercation. (The Gildreds were out of my mind - pending January 13Th 2020).

Attach is an "Harassment Report" from the 5Th precinct following their premeditated altercation. An unexpected confrontation involving Mr.,. Tom Gildred, Mrs.. Carolina Gildred and Their Attorney Council at Law "Attorney Alan Seth Rafkin of Rafkin Esq., Who had the ability to create a live video recording of most of the scene.

The police harassment Report (of "2" consecutive incidents miles apart over 2 days, of a confrontation to harass and incriminate involving Mr.. Thompson Philip Gildred against ProSe Defendant Michael Foster at 66 center street and 17th street 9th Avenue outside ProSe's office building.) Report#:4555/ 09/18/19 and 09/20/19. full story here:

Consistent with these police reports (attach) I will insert the following additional police reports Del Mar Police Department and a copy of a restraining order.

Briefly (What happened):-

Upon exiting 66 Center street and taking the steps - (of which you cannot look up - whilst heading down. Athletic or not you must watch your steps for over-skipping): observant To my left as I turned at the bottom of stairway 66 center street - ahead in the side walk the Treo was noticeably about 10-yards. I had no idea they were relatively waiting for me.

Upon approaching: Mr., Seth Rafkin was to each extreme left (east of the Treo Slowed-enough line-walking and stopping and stop and going southward): While Mr.. Seth's Shoulders shrouded as I approach from behind the Treo, A bit more evenly spread on the sidewalk as I could see Mr.. Seth's Demeanor (coaxing) in several implicit glances backwards at me. I could not "J-Walk" as I would normally do across 66 center street toward Lafayette street unto sidewalks at 26 Federal Plaza.

There was also ongoing traffic and the iron police barricades lined between Pearl streets, center streets and Woolworth streets. I headed south to crosswalk west on Pearl streets. The Treo crawled to a halt about 5 yards from the Pearl Street Security Booth Crosswalk - At this time their sounds of mutterings was close enough so much that it was clear they were talking about me and frantically they'd began to talk louder at me.

As "I" Shouldered SQUARED of Mr., Thompson Philip Gildred, whose verbal aspersions at this time was visually clear (I could see what he's saying literally at me) Quote "You etc., etc., **" among other words (Name Calling) "You're Still Alive"??? ..(Prose "Unfortunately YES)...Mr. Seth chimed in, Quote: "You are alone, you have No friends, no apartment. "No Friends" he jarred, (interestingly, at this time neither Mr., Seth Rafkin or his Gildreds clients excerpt any fear, Instead Mr., Seth Alan Rafkin immediately began photo video recording me. (I have gotten use to incrimination tactics but this was unexpected Mr.. Rafkin was casually holding on and pointing his cellphone at me - all of about 3 minutes as I reacted to each of their aspersions.
Mr.. Gildred: (Faced-First expressed angrily at his wife to his left while gesturing his right shoulder length towards me, Quote: "I Will not pay any money for this Foc and other words"... I took the opportunity and vibrantly address particularly Mr.. Thompson Philip Gildred - Especially knowing that Mr., Seth Alan Rafkin was camera ready, already recording (I knew this was a premeditated altercation in hopes to construct a self incriminatory act against me). I loudly addressed Mr., Gildred but cautioned Seth - "You do not have permission to take my photo or record me a video". Seth continued.

We were conceivably less than a short (even weak) spit from Gildred and her husband near the corner about 3-5 yards from Pearl Street - I was instantly made upset by their remarks - but I sort to get a few words at him...I was scared, hurt, instantly traumatized, but I, shivered and I spoke aloud with painful regrets and expressed words of concern to the effect to the Gildred couple "YOU HAVE NO INTEGRITY" and "I SPEAK THE TRUTH FROM MY HEART" I went on repeatedly as I walked away..."You have no Integrity, No heart". then I ask Mr.,. Rafkin Esq., do you give me an option to photo shoot you? only then he refrain just a bit. I turned Eastward and looked back only after crossing two streets ahead, when I looked back, Mr.. Seth was steering at me all the ways from 40 center street. I turned eastward and went about my day. I did not look back.

I hope I never see the Treo again and most assuredly I trust They'd come to their senses (including their attorney) and cancel their prolonged insistent defamation campaign and cognitive negligent infliction of emotional distresses and avoid their constant efforts of designing out of court strategies in which to influence and provoke self-incrimination on a man who'd done nothing consequentially to disturb their normal way of livelihood in Del Mar of North San Diego California.

A Man who never lied or had any reason to attempt lying or extortion of any kind from these Gildred. A man who only reciprocate a civic mutual feeling presented to him from long time friend who happens to be the wife of Mr.,. Gildred and and who had discovered only just a little bit too late into hers and husband grand idea of gaining popularity and social status over the process of hiding and taunting myself into believing either of the couple is in danger of themselves.

(Mr., Gildred a man, who have such an ego he'd gone on to Trademark his personal name "Tom Gildred" certainly not a family man exercising a default of an IIED in support of his wife or a defense to defamation of character, because he's the only person involved in defaming let alone, picking on a poor penniless broke Tango Instructor from NYC.

(1) Seth Rafkin is an example of Cooley law school out of court, case tactics. To create or attempt a physical confrontation. I reported a previous incident to the honorable Judge Gerald Lebovits that Attorney for client Gildred, Alan Rafkin waited in front of 66 center street in the snow and called out to me fists folded he scoffed and yelled with juxtaposition that I'd come after at him.

I did not.

Instead I wistfully scamper across the wet snow streets from him.

Seth's cult -at-Cooley law lectures on how to Pay professionals in order to engaged defendants outside of court, that would snare a defendant into giving up information that will negatively affect a defendant in court. . Seth Rafkin in my opinion exercises an arm of guided support bent on using index#: 153554/2017 to become an example to what can be done constructively to dismantle prudence over legal form.

The level scene outside of 66 center street was provoked by Seth Rafkin and the Gildred:

(2) Just 33 minutes before The altercation of harassment and provocation. Their intention is to force incriminate a ProSe Litigant.

Seth rafkin seems comfortable at this i.e: Immediately outside of a full court room Mr., Seth Rafkin Esq., did forcefully held me against my will upon reentering room #422 as I'd refused to allow him to bully me into signing an agreement he never gave me a chance to read.

(3) Mr.. Seth was holding a camera and pointing a recording at me in which he refused to stop after I ask him not to record or take my photo.

(4) Mr.. Gildred his client (A person whose company Emerald Textiles Mr.. Seth Rafkin then a Cooley Law partner Represented in 2011 "Emerald Textiles vs Angelica Textiles". Mr.. Seth earned himself mr,.Gildred 1.5million dollars long before Carolina came to be his wife). The Mr., Gildred Did physically attempted to accosts me and taunted ridiculous name calling at me (twice) just out side of the supreme court 66 center street. And near my office building.

(5) Mr.. Seth refused to accept my opinion about New York Law concerning the right of a private citizen to have their photo-video taken without their explicit permission.

They wanted to assert a physical altercation as they have done all along by (in my opinion) paying many private individuals to present themselves as a medium of physical confrontation throughout the tenure of this litigation and from the inception of this obliviously frivolous litigation.

I did not look at the gildred couple inside the court room. I have no interest in the Gildred's or the manner of livelihood each acquiescence.

In my opinion: Mr.. Gildred is an example of a higher level degree of "Adult schizophrenic Immune Affluenza" or the equivalent there off. I am not a psychiatrist, but in this case index#153554/2017 have become his and his wife ecstatic mode for (in my opinion) some sort of sadistic masochism in their own world of a couple. They seemed to be living in happiness and in harmony.

I wish the gildred god speed. (In my opinion) Carolina Gildred is constructively in a state of "Gross Atomic Erotomania". A concoction of heighten social attention is amass by a desire to obtain fame and wealthiness with great popularity for oneself or ones family without the cost of simple honest character building. I know Carolina hates cooking, or do her laundry, she cannot iron her a shirt. (I do not know much mexican women as this - Carolina's words "I like nice Things" but at the price of lying and tricking any person into self incrimination to promote attention to herself is indicative of a severe mental retardation. (These are my opinions) not to be construed as facts as I have known her and experienced her and as I shared with the entire court at 66 center street. If I could I will hope for one thing in this world and that is to have never entered Tom Gildred's wife Mrs.. Carolina Gildred in any way, form or interactions. IF I KNEW THAT her x-husband was a Senior Psychiatrist I would not have even dance the tango with her as my intuition only would help me to understand that "This is a young woman heading home with a senior gentleman who spends his days helping diagnose (God Knows) what type of mental sickness. Given that fact my intuition leads me to think as a man. What do I talk about most when I come home to my girlfriend? Most likely the things which I spent most of my times with.

Upon hindsight I would never have had a sexual relationship with a women as Mrs.. Gildred.

I say to Mr.. Gildred. I AM SORRY. But you need to conference with your wife.

If I could undue this I would, long time ago, But My life is not up for the Gildred grabs. Persuasively I have my own obsessive demons (as we all do). To have picked on my emotional weaknesses and try to create a crime of popular distinctions for your own selfishness is never ever right.

I want my life and all my innocence in emotions back from Carolina and Mr.. Thompson Gildred, and If it takes a counter lawsuit to retrieve it??? So be it.

My 20 years of dance training professionalism and the loss of its fruits for the last "3" years? Then I deserve a day in court and at minimal compensation for those losses.

Let the Gildreds of San Diego go on with their Lives and I may not even have to follow through with the legal civil suit against Them in San Diego California.
Fatal Fall; Drug Smugglers; Crashes: San Diego County Police Log
A look at some of this week's police, fire and courtroom stories from across San Diego County.
By Kristina Houck

A collection of police, fire and courtroom stories from this week across San Diego County.
A collection of police, fire and courtroom stories from this week across San Diego County.
SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CA – The following is a collection of police, fire and courtroom stories from this week across San Diego County.

Man Killed After SUV Slams Into Tree In El Cajon

A man was killed Friday morning when his SUV slammed into a tree, then caught fire near an El Cajon intersection, police said.

Donovan Prison Inmate Dies; Case Deemed Homicide

An inmate who was grievously injured in a beating at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility last spring died in a hospital this week.

Drivers, Infant Injured In Head-On Crash Near Mount Helix

A sedan and a school district truck collided head-on at an intersection near Mount Helix Friday, injuring three people, including an infant.

Two Men Stabbed Within One Block Of Each Other In North Park

Two men were stabbed Friday morning within a block of each other in North Park, police said.

Border Patrol: Drug Smugglers Use Children As 'Diversion'

Agents caught suspected drug smugglers with loads of meth in vehicles in which their children were riding, according to the Border Patrol.

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Woman Killed In Solo Vehicle Crash In La Mesa

A 67-year-old woman was killed when she lost control of her vehicle and slammed into a cement wall in La Mesa, police said.

Man Sentenced For 1988 Rancho Santa Fe Shooting Over Woman

A 30-year fugitive who fled to Mexico after shooting his friend in a dispute over a woman was sentenced to nine years in state prison.

Man To Stand Trial In Fatal East County Frying Pan Attack

Brad Masaru Payton is accused of allegedly killing a fellow resident with a frying pan at an East County independent-living facility.

Poway Synagogue Shooting Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

John T. Earnest pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of murder, attempted murder, arson and hate crime allegations.

Teenage Boy Wounded In Drive-By Shooting In Linda Vista

A 17-year-old boy suffered a minor bullet wound Thursday in a drive-by shooting near Tecolote Canyon in San Diego.

Man Arrested For Allegedly Punching Police Officer In Ocean Beach

A homeless man was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly punched a San Diego police officer in the nose while being handcuffed in Ocean Beach.

Bicyclist Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver In Ramona

A 53-year-old woman suffered serious injuries when her bicycle was struck from behind by a hit-and-run driver near a Ramona intersection.

Gas Leak Forces Evacuations In Mission Beach

Excavation workers accidentally ruptured an underground pipeline in Mission Beach, causing a natural gas leak that prompted evacuations.

San Diego Lab Tech Accused Of Sex With Students On Paid Leave

A San Diego City College lab technician was put on paid leave while the district reviews accusations he had sex with students.

Helicopter Makes Hard Landing At Carlsbad Airport

A hard landing at McClellan-Palomar Airport left a light helicopter toppled onto its side Wednesday afternoon, but nobody was hurt.

Pedestrian Struck, Seriously Injured By Car Near Liberty Station

A 60-year-old man suffered severe head injuries when he was struck by a car near Liberty Station, police said.

Man Seriously Injured In Motorized Bicycle Crash In Barrio Logan

A man was hospitalized with serious injuries he suffered when he crashed his motorized bicycle in the Barrio Logan area, police said.

Dark-Web Vendors Plead Guilty To Cryptocurrency Money Laundering

Two San Diego men admitted in federal court to conspiring to launder dark-web proceeds.

Auto-Theft Suspect Arrested After San Diego Police Chase

An auto theft suspect was arrested after leading officers on a brief pursuit in an Oak Park-area cul-de-sac, police said.

Pedestrian Killed In Chain-Reaction Crash In South Bay

An 81-year-old man was killed and three other people suffered minor injuries when a work truck crashed into parked vehicles in Chula Vista.

Suspicious Death Investigated In Fallbrook-Area Neighborhood

A person was found dead under suspicious circumstances in a rural community in the far northern reaches of the county, authorities said.

22 Displaced After Fire Hydrant Floods University City Apartments

A driver crashed his SUV into a fire hydrant in University City, causing water to rush into a nearby apartment complex, police said.

Fire Destroys Mozy Cafe, Other Businesses In Encinitas

A two-alarm fire tore through Mozy Cafe in Encinitas Monday, destroying the cafe along with two other businesses inside the building.

Jury Hears Opening Statements In Clairemont Robbery/Murder Trial

Ahmed Hassan Mumin, 34, is charged with murder, robbery, burglary, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Sailor Who Died In Fall Aboard USS Nimitz In Coronado ID'd

Juan Jose Garcia-Herrera, 21, of Chicago, died after falling from an aircraft elevator aboard the USS Nimitz in Coronado.

Teen Killed In San Diego's Sherman Heights Neighborhood

A 19-year-old man was found dead at a home in the Sherman Heights neighborhood, police said.

Man Fatally Struck By Pickup While Crossing Encinitas Street ID'd

David Goodblatt, 76, of Encinitas, was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla where he was later pronounced dead.

Man Shot, Wounded In Parking Lot Near Mission Bay

A man was hospitalized with wounds to his leg and hand after he was shot by another man in a parking lot near Mission Bay, police said.

Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Smuggling-Related Crash

A man who led Border Patrol agents on a high-speed pursuit that killed three people near Boulevard plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

3 Drivers Arrested At DUI Checkpoint In Santee

Deputies arrested three drivers at a DUI checkpoint in Santee, sheriff's officials said.

Arson Suspected In Three Rubbish Fires

Three suspected arson fires were set in a three-mile radius over the weekend in the Ocean Beach and Point Loma areas, fire officials said.

Navy Sailor Dies After Fall On USS Nimitz In Coronado

A U.S. Navy sailor died after falling from an aircraft elevator aboard the USS Nimitz in Coronado, officials said.

Prius Crashes Into Amtrak Train In San Diego

A Toyota Prius smashed into an Amtrak train in San Diego but the car's driver escaped the crash uninjured, a sheriff's sergeant said.

Woman Arrested In Serious-Injury Hit-And-Run In San Diego

A possibly drunken woman was arrested in connection with a serious-injury hit-and-run in Clairemont Mesa East, police said.

Man Jailed After Police Chase In South Bay

Chula Vista police jailed a man on suspicion of evading police, narcotic possession and DUI after a wild vehicle chase, a lieutenant said.

High-Speed Pursuit On I-15 Ends In Crash, Arrest In North County

A driver being pursued for 40 minutes on San Diego roads and freeways crashed and was taken into custody on I-15 in Rancho Bernardo.

More from San Diego

Donovan Prison Inmate Dies; Case Deemed Homicide

SDG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs Possible In San Diego County

Border Patrol: Drug Smugglers Use Children As 'Diversion'
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Fatal Fall; Drug Smugglers; Crashes: San Diego County Police Log

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