In June of 2016 Mrs. Gildred Carolina approach Michael Foster owner of Foster's Econimical Services Co. 1992 Inc., also a TANGO dance instructor. A single male who Mrs. Gildred have known for many, many years. Her ideas lead to several trips to San Diego CA. Paid in full by Mrs. Gildred includes luxury hotel accommadations. This website came as a result of Mr. & Mrs. Gildred Anger and Emotions and served as the only responsive medium to level with the Couple's insistent madness. The site is never intended to defame neither will it ever state anything outside of what the Gildred's have done to Mr. Michael Foster and his overall experience with them.
The Gildred Couple are in alignment with a PRISM and penchant for revenge with no abhorrence to each expense associated with their inputs.
#1. A Parody Synopsis at (Tom Gildred astunningly bruised ego),
#2. Post 1: The couple develop a timeline of evidentiary circumstances - to coverup a mistake in the wife's infidelities. To produce an accelerated aggressive stretch across states, California San Diego & New York City. A captivation of sundry moments a psychotic prescription courtesies: Mrs. Gildred's divorcée the debunk Psychiatrist Dr. Manuel Orlando Garcia of Scarsdale NY.
#3. Jealousy is the retort -1: Mrs. Gildred's mindset to defuse monetary value in Mr. Tom Gildred as his esteemed perfect outlook on self-articulations cannot be ridiculed.
#4. Jealousy the retort -2: Mrs. Gildred and Attorneys Jennifer Bogue, and Seth Alan Rafkin picked out an old modest friend from New York City in Michael Foster. who's poor but ambitious, honest, courteous, brilliant and sophisticated. (
She flew Mr. Foster 1st class several times SAN/NYC Del Mar near their Las Ventanas home to do the pampering and peppery Hot Tango at poolside, in the garage, the master-bedroom, the kitchen & back office as Honcho Tom Gildred peeks-on. Unwittingly from hidden locations.
#5. Then it worked: but instead of hiring a private investigator Tom Gildred  instead of kicking her to the curb, Mr. Gildred with buckling knees crumbled in emotional digress as his San Diego namse was enough to equate to much of the gildred's financial status.
#6. But an apology from the Couple to Michael Foster won't do. Instead Mr. & Mrs. Gildred decides ro trash: Michael Foster - in their "THE HOW TO" Easy? as it were the Tango instructor was already distraught (emotional-erotomania a pending mad-man) back in NYC.
#7. Together the Couple passionately Over-Planned: Over months & months targeting the x-lover in efforts to confirm a predetermined mental diagnosis. Once enough seemed to have worked as it was almost certain a mad-man was made in the Tango NYC Instructor:
#8. As a backup with the help of attorneys in New York and California Mr. & Mrs. Gildred created a false criminal police report - falsely stating they feared for their lives & of death threats, harassments and stalking from the x-Tango lover who plans to return to San Diego.
#9. Mr. & Mrs. Gildred used parties known be rivals to the x tango lover and friends to Mrs. Gildred to promote defamation and inflict severe emotional distress privately & publicly. The use of the false police reports by the Gildreds NY/CA along with a fake Psychiatric letter of describing Mr. Foster's Mental Diagnosis by professional opinion in Redacted Court Documents. A Dr. Manuel Orlando Garcia.
#10. The San Diego Gildred Couple: Carolina and Tom Gildred then launch a Civil Lawsuit in the State of New York. "Gildred v Foster" 153554/2017 to which they gleefully up-played in the New York Daily News, San Diego Reader and The New York Post.
Seth Rafkin ( and Jennifer Bogue then aligned their legal legacy with Mr. & Mrs Gildred's. Rafkin is a legal favorite of Tom Gildred in "Emerald Textiles vs Angelica Textiles" both Cooley law partners in filings against Michael Foster in the New York Supreme Court. The frivolous lawsuit seeks monetary compensation in favor of the Gildred's in the amount of $250,000.00 from their poor, mentally insane x-tango lover.
Gildred v Foster 153554/2017
Lyn & Phil Gildred; (Lyn):- 
"I would not have this family name caught up in public ridicule"
 "It better be him
(The Lover) or her (Tom Gildred's wife Carolina in Tango Video below).
But the Rancho Santa Fe Gildred family of San Diego have taken the high road to destruction of a young man who's involvement with Tom Gildred's Wife Carolina Gildred threatened to ridicule The Gildred's a perfect San Diego Family Name.

Tom Gildred harassment campaign againts Wife's lover Michael Foster
Above: Albeit Tom Gildred Practicing his Golden Swing at Michael Foster's NYC Office (Less than Weeks after Cease & Desist Order). 

Michael Foster in office found to video tape Tom Gildred secretly persuading Landlord

In the stark probable end to Tom and Carolina Gildred's relentless harassment, stalking and 4 year long infliction of emotional distresses. Per LT-11583-2017 New York Supreme Court. The Gildred Mad Duo got to secretly dispelling one final blow to Michael Foster by closing in on Landlord's Ernest Shornherr of 432 W 19th Street NY, NY 10011.
But The Gildred Harassments continued. It is not over: In the Gildred world: ""Money is power-supreme over anything or anyone that is a remote minority - in the Dollar or in personalityy". The Group Family Name GILDRED and its Evil Money According to an x-brother in-law to Tom Gildred, The Family is known to finance some of San Diego's most corrupt lobbyist and politicians. Over decades old history of San Diego their Evil Money have weaved its way into some of San Diego's most prominent public societies including Balboa Park, SDMA, San Diego Zoo, where past and present board members (were) inclusive of George Gildred, Lyn & Phil Gildred, Julie Gildred, Tory Gildred. But Tom Gildred in chief associate himself as the trade name under titles such as Philanthropists, Art Collector, Wine Collector, CEO & Board Member to some of San Diego's larges non for profit organization.". The Group Family Name GILDRED and its Evil Money According to an x-brother in-law to Tom Gildred, The Family is known to finance some of San Diego's most corrupt lobbyist and politicians. Over decades old history of San Diego their Evil Money have weaved its way into some of San Diego's most prominent public societies including Balboa Park, SDMA, San Diego Zoo, where past and present board members (were) inclusive of George Gildred, Lyn & Phil Gildred, Julie Gildred, Tory Gildred. But Tom Gildred in chief associate himself as the trade name under titles such as Philanthropists, Art Collector, Wine Collector, CEO & Board Member to some of San Diego's larges non for profit organization.

Tom Gildred however is quite thin-skinned when it comes to facing the truth about what happened during the early months of his marriage to Carolina Gildred. Carolina Gildred and Lover Michael Foster
Here: This website tells of wonders why the Gildred Family of San Diego pays to keep clear of public ridicule by maintaining an arsenal of Pay-Per-Reporters and Scam Popcorn Attorneys (Seth Rafkin, Jennifer Bogue Rafkin ESQ) ready to bid the family's dirty works. Money and the Law is KING in San Diego - Frivolous Lawsuits do not warrant sanctions against attorneys or their clients. Indeed one cannot properly exact true honest harm to its competition domestic or business unless it can fund a Dragonetti legal filing combined with castigations paid through Public Ridicule. The Gildred Family of Rancho Santa Fe knows this best.
One wonders why certain blasphemous stories designed by pay per reporters who sometimes call themselves journalists doesn't get edited, update or completely removed when its found to be outright false.

Tom and Carolina Gildred at Las Ventanas circle Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe San Diego CaliforniaHere's (pic.above) an example of The Reader's article

A veteran Pay Per writers who's now retired after a life of shame and plagiarism throughout his career at The Reader. The Reader though, doesn’t seam to be having the slightest concerns. It's writers honest or Pay Per journalists reads over 99 active writers.

One wonders what's a news story lately if it's not paid forward with mix of truths and an abundance of falsity. But that's The Reader. Here's this story: (A pay per writer writes up a lengthy column on a person with no defense in fact the writer picks on a man who lives in New York City.

A man who isn't even a neighborhood resident to ascribe relevance to a local San Diegan with a bruised ego. In the meat of his article he interviews with The Gildred's attorneys but states clearly at the end of the pay per bully rant of writers that he could not contact Michael Foster from New York or The Gildred from San Diego.

A veteran indeed: His story...: Tom Gildred’s wife, Carolina, goes to NY courts! Since 1929, the Gildred family has been prominent in San Diego. Its first project was construction and operation of the Fox Theater, now known as Symphony Hall. Through the years, Gildred Companies has developed properties ... City Lights July 26, 2017, But what ever happens to the true story? Perhaps if half of his falsity writ up turned out to be remotely true then, maybe The Reader might have done a follow-up. At least to clear his falsity. But when The Reader name, names it must be very careful to withdraw from Cuckservative titles such as Tom and Carolina Gildred. This couples tantrum is indicative of a feverish penchant for impetuous attention. They're Northern San Diego's snapshot for the Quick-A-Go couple. Tom: from investigative interviews what we know of him...”

A fundamental simple (a man who does not know how to have a conversation with anyone).
He will never approach a public figure or personality with even the slightest bit of notoriety without first placing that person under the radar of intense scrutiny. Used to think he's genuinely recluse but found that he's a loner with the spite of a mad-woman with cash at her disposal. The darkness of such an individual who without earnest digress seams to have a penchant for anonymously activating benign tentacles of brash manipulative notions about anyone he hopes to [even] remotely sidelined for friendship or [worst] for foe.

This is the one Guy in North San Diego who is convinced that there isn't a lobbyists or uprising politician he won't be able to sideline. [...and that without personal confrontation]. His Gildred Development Companies, Emerald SD [health and linen] holds a chair at SDMA, praise himself as a Philanthropist, Constructively Earned himself The San Diego Ernst and Young entrepreneur of the year award but could not confront face to face a man invited by his young wife in his own Las Ventanas Circle Rancho Santa Fe's 5-bed 3baths home. So much that when found his wife fixing the strangers rumpled hair, instead he only Scudded and sat with a glass of wine looking at rewinds of Armstrong's classic win of “Tour de France”. Tom Gildred is not a MAN. He is a module, a, Platform. One known to Trademark Tom Gildred [joke] persistently years after USTD cautioned the mark is not tradable, please do not laugh as yet. Think of a mouse, that harness himself with a magnifying glass and one who wears an oversized facemask imprint with a tiger's face and runs around fooling/scaring everyone into believing that he's a Big Bad Tiger on the loose in San Diego.

He's the guy to sound off a tigrrsraw only upon the highest hills of Tijuana in hopes it will echo the valleys throughout Carmel that to make a sound of a real bad tiger. [Got himself all the ways in New York Supreme Court Gildred v Foster 153554-2017 made a fool of himself]. On the other hand as any good devoted trophy yes-wife would:- Carolina Hernandez Gildred: what's earnestly said to be a sure fact about this Latina. Quot., “I know of her...[For God's Sake she's a slow F**k. And if she likes it SHE WILL WORK HONESTLY HARD ENOUGH TO PAY FOR IT.” unquote. [They're peas in a pod]. Except Tom's wife being an avid NY Times reader of the Metro Columns she loves to have a good LAUGH. ...and by that she would LAUGH at anything especially another man's idiosyncrasies. [
But when the joke is up].
And when that joke [was] is up she falls on both-hind-legs an act rather bewildered, [as one's dog a hungered]. She'll argue that it's all for her children now past college ages Bryant and Diana Castillo both cared less. Quoting son Bryant: “My mother just want to dance” unquote. But for Carolina Hernandez, her mother, brother and hosts of Mexican Siblings it's a taste of both worlds [one of salted-sweet & peppery hot]. For her [Gildred] money answerers all issues regardless if the content involves someone who might not be willing to negotiate $$$. Like trump -YOU CANNOT SAY TO CERTAIN PEOPLE THEY ARE SICK”. ...and by this I hope this part of our conversation be redacted as that just seams to work for this couple as it appears to fuel their own enigma to propel themselves into a place [for now] only San Diego could offer. [But] ...even San Diego in this area will change in a probable near future from “Pay me enough & I will accept you whoever you are”. Tom & Carolina Gildred beware even a brother-in-law warns about accepting “the horrors that comes with the Gildred Evil money” They're the snapshot for Quick-A-Go. Tom: what's to know of him...”
A fundamental looser...

Carolina Hernandez [Garcia] Gildred: is one that proves herself as an articulate manipulator with immense experience and witness to the Humanetics Mental Depredation science and astrology based. Using both combination she is cable of properly persuading anyone she has personal access to, to a purpose or cause. In my opinion, Carolina's Mental psychosis is yet to be determine by perhaps a group of psychiatrists. Carolina was once married to New York upper lifestyle living Scarsdale New York veteran Psychiatrist Dr. Emanuel Orlando Garcia now in his 80's was married to Carolina in the prime of her life..  of astrology and what is sure to know of her...[For God's Sake she's a slow F**k. And if she likes it SHE WILL WORK HONESTLY HARD ENOUGH TO PAY FOR IT. [They're peas in a pod]. ....and the echelons of San Diego's business align with certain political movers and shakers. They're going to take his lascivious legs out from under him. The Gildred's Gildred family of San Diego have taken the high road to destruction of a young man who's involvement with Tom Gildred's Wife Carolina Gildred threatens to ridicule The Gildred Family Name of San Diego. MARK THESE WORDS. ....and that's in a manner of speaking to his intellectual property which he has none. Simple put, it'll be giving back to those innocent young entrepreneurs he'd stolen it from. Standby! C/O: Mic Fos The Bravest

Tom Gildred Wife Defamation IIED Trial is Jan/13/20 Gildred v Foster (Seth A. Rafkin Attorney vs Prose)

FMT Consulting Executive's wife's on Defamation & IIED. Claims x-allege Lover (She) Did not Tango off the dance floor even after "A Romantic Picnic In The Park NYC, flying him several times to the couples Rancho Santa Fe's porch digs - multiple date-nights in Manhattan NYC,  Del Mar, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Escondido, Vyvant Hotel Little Italy San Diego & Brunch at Rancho Valencia Luxurious Country Club where she and her husband are active founding members.

San Diego, (  - The Gildreds (Tom Gildred) Gildred of North San Diego. Both Tom and Carolina are denying an affair ever happened even after Gildred's wife flew the x-allege-lover to their Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe's home over a series of visits under the guise of tango dance instruction in 2016.
The x-allege lover is counter suing the Gildreds for over 7.5 million dollars claiming IIED, Defamation and Breach of Contract. (Allegedly billed to Gildred and his companies for the promotional benefits derived from the promotional leads stemming from the Gildred's frivolous lawsuit - Tom Gildred have subsequently Trademarked his name Tom Gildred™ a derivative associated with the lawsuit). 
The Gildred couple have been accused of having fostered a relentless out of court harassment campaign which at first accounted for as a slap on the wrists for an underestimated extramarital affair allegedly between Tom's Wife Carolina Gildred and Michael Foster. Court papers and witnesses known to have been friends to Carolina and Foster confirmed they'd known each other for roughly 15+ years. Though the Gildred's court papers affirms she first met him at dance competitions in 2015.
The Gildred's sophisticated campaign included an alleged cover-up by an in-court frivolous lawsuit campaign design to harass and push the x-allege lover into a state of mental insanity. (Lawyer SethHe'll either have to go completely crazy or come after you in which case he'll still be completely insane).
The couple is alleged according to court (REDACTED) documents filed by the x-Cooley Law Partner Attorneys Jennifer Bogue, Seth A. Rafkin Esq., The legal firm have Concocted a letter of Mental Diagnosis, "A Professional Opinion" from a Top Psychiatrist who (consequentially) happens to be the x-husband of Tom Gildred's wife Carolina (Then Carolina Garcia of Upscale living in Scarsdale New York). The letter states among other things that the x-allege lover is a case of Dangerous Erotomania. (A mental disease know to be consistent with women who have grown to lust at TV Celebrity status of mostly men in high social life). The Tango lover isn't known to have a history of mental illness and have not been seen by the psychiatrist Manuel Orlando (Dr. Redacted) named in the Gildred's court documents. There are other direct linking reports to the Gildred's blatant harassment campaign. As lately as In September 2019; of "2" consecutive police reports involving altercations between the Gildred's and their allege assailant where its allege the Gildreds and their Carlsbad Attorney Seth Alan Rafkin harass the Respondent. 
Rafkin defended the Gildred of San Diego who once was the CEO Tom Gildred San Diego's Largest health LiAngelica textiles vs Emerald Textiles Law Suit San Diego Defended by Cooley Law Alan Seth Rafkinnen company in "Emerald Textiles v Angelica Textiles", Tom Gildred of Gildredco and the Gildred Companies who's names are indigenous to that of ambassador (Argentine) Theodore Gildred, Sister Tory Gildred, and families Ted, Jen, Julie Gildred, Tory Gildred, Lynn & Phil Gildred.
Comments: The courts in New York her honorable Senior Administrative Judge Kaplan (Chan)

Full Story continues here:
Our Study on North San Diego Crime report

The story flamboyantly played up Tom Gildred and Wife as victims of an extortion attempt to extort Tom and his wife of 10k and the Foster Tango guy had become unhinged in the interview which lawyer Seth Rafkin - responded.
Was this a deterrent i.e. cover-up al be it "alibi? To a more sinister out of court criminal intent? Coincidence of
intent? Michael Foster the Tango Instructor x-Allege lover to Tom Gildred's Wife Carolina Gildred
In the meanwhile the Tango allege love faced a litany of circumstantial circumstances from death threats, landlord suddenly cancelling his apartment lease, to questionable loss of clients. The tango instructor's life as an NYC Dance instructor for 20+ years was over and he had no one to blame for each defaming public action against his character. The Tango instructor was refused entry at public social events he'd attending for years without issues
|There were New York Police Reports included a 911 call a few months after the commencement of the Gildred's lawsuit. The x-allege Tango Lover of Tom Gildred's wife was reported to have suffered a near miss-hit on his life, which could have landed him in a comma, if not death or paralysis. Tom Gildred cautioned by partner Jaye Park Emerald TextilesNot enough perhaps?
The allegations is allege to have stemmed from an outrage Tom Gildred who was willing to do anything so that Carolina his wife will not leave him for the Tango Lover.
Transcripts have revealed the wealthy Gildred Family have reverted to cautioning but could not dissuade the younger of the Gildreds of San Diego to let it go. Thompson's parents Lynn & Phil Gildred once owned the Fox Theater of San Diego and are vested owners of multi-unit residential properties in Maui Hawaii. The Gildred Companies are know to be owners of multi-million dollar properties commercial and residential through San Diego. 
The Gildred claimed according to New York Supreme Court Documents files by Seth their attorney the allege lover sort to extort $10,000.00. The Gildred's seeks $250,000.00 according to court documents. 
In the abstract Tom Gildred and wife Carolina (Mother of two allege DaCa Kids. Daughter Diana and Son Bryant Castillo, both kids having disgruntled remakes concerning their isolated Mexican Father who have been ridden thereof. Years ago. Carolina have been allege to have illegally crossed the boarder from Mexico and have had at lease one run in with the Law in Los Angeles for transportation of methamphetamine sources revealed while with her two young kids Bryant 3, and Diana 5. The father have since been restrained from having any part to do with their lives, but thanks to Mr. Gildred especially after the x-lover affair altercations most of Carolina's siblings have been reunited with her from Mexico). As for Tom Gildred, in reverberation to the lawsuit and the many out of court harassment tactics he earned himself an unexpected defense from his wife's x-allege lover and Tango Partner in the forms of a number of scalding YouTube messages sounding off the allege details of a lovers gross distress and a few websites in the names: Tom Gildred why The lawsuit, why not ignor the lover say so if it is not so leave it so and (the Later) according to (Tom Gildred's) lawyer Seth Rafkin of Carlsbad North San Diego.
These and other innocuous criminal acts are not being investigated because they are barb-wired with so much wealthy connections that before a local police detective were to begin an investigation, far less taking police reports (i.e.: wife Carolina Gildred in 2016 attempted to create a report of Husband Tom Gildred of 'an allege gurgle pilling after-midnight attempt" which left her ankles and above her knee cap with black and blue spots). On the record even after the wife admitted that QuoteEmeraldSD, San Diego Reader, Emerald Textiles, FMT Consultants, Gildred Companies, Carolina Gildred with Tom Gildred ! Quote " Tom awoke me in the middle of the Night and said HEAR TAKE THAT - and muttered - you're gurgling" unquote! She then assuage dozing off.
Seth Alan Rafkin Esq., "Alan is known to have saved Tom Gildred's Emerald Textiles commercial Linen Company in an intellectual Property Theft Angelica Textiles vs Emerald Textiles of which he earned 1.5 million in legal expenses after the long court battle in San Diego..
The very said attorney is under review by the legal board of ethics for swiping out an iPhone camera and began illegally video taping the aggravated harassment scenes in NYC just in September allege to have been preempted by him and his clients in hopes to provoke a physical confrontation from the wife's x-allege love.
Both incidents were instantly reported to the NYPD - one incident earned a 911 call when Tom physically confronted Michael Foster immediately steps from the x-allege tango lovers office building the following Friday afternoon in Chelsea NYC. Apparently at this time the Gildred duo wish to impute an attack on themselves in New York in order to draw consequential alignment to their attorney's frivolous lawsuit.
The merits of the lawsuit stands affirmative that what is left only to litigate Respondent's counter claims seeing that Seth already confirm a settlement which Prose Litigant denied and the judge...



Inadvertently! Conspicuously!
The police harassment Report (of "2" consecutive incidents miles apart over 2 days, of a confrontation to harass and incriminate involving Mr.. Thompson Philip Gildred against ProSe Respondent Michael Foster at 66 center street and 17th street 9th Avenue outside ProSe's office building.) Report#:4555/ 09/18/19 and 09/20/19. full story here:
Attorney Seth Alan Gildred of San Diego who once defended CEO Tom Gildred emerald Textiles v Angelica Textiles, Tom Gildred of Gildredco and the gildred Companies who's names are indigenous to theordore gildred, tory gildred, ted and Julie gildred. The courts in New York the honorable Senior Administrative Judge Kaplan (Chan)
Rancho Santa fe
California, Rancho San Diego
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